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This Privacy Policy explains the data collection and data use policy of the SnoreLab app. The SnoreLab app collects anonymous data on app usage using a third party service called Flurry Analytics. This enables us to understand how our app is being used in order to improve it and for general research and analytics purposes. The SnoreLab app does not collect any information that could be used to identify you personally such as your name, email address or date of birth unless you have decided to provide this information to us, for example to receive our newsletters, to participate in pilot studies, to contact us for support or to become a SnoreLab tester.

To view the Flurry Analytics Terms of Service, go to:

To opt-out of Flurry analytics, go to:

When you install the SnoreLab app, you are assigned a user unique identifier (UUID) that is used to track your usage of the app. The UUID is not linked to any personal information so it is a unique but anonymous ID. When you run the app, a summary of your results are sent to our secure servers, including statistics about your snoring, whether you registered using any remedies or factors, and any profile information as your weight and age. This information is linked to your UUID.

The SnoreLab app does not transmit any audio recordings unless you choose to transmit them yourself using the email/export function.

The data that we collect as described above is to improve our products and services and to research how users’ results vary based on different criteria on an aggregate basis. For example, we may research how snoring intensity varies based on users’ BMI (body mass index) and to evaluate the effectiveness of snoring remedies. The results of this research may be published within the app or elsewhere but that would not include any data that could personally identify you as an individual.

If you choose to subscribe to the SnoreLab newsletter or if you have sent us emails, we will collect your email address and it will be stored on a separate database and it won’t be linked to your UUID and/or snoring data. We may use your email address to respond to your enquiries, to send you a newsletter if you have subscribed, to communicate with you if you have any enquiries or if you have agreed to become a SnoreLab tester. We may also use your email for marketing purposes but you will be able to opt out of these communications at any time if you want to.

We handle SnoreLab in accordance with Apple’s development guidelines. To view Apple’s HealthKit developer guidelines, go to:

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